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love my new account

I got a new main account and get a heck of a deal on it. There were two unconverted pets and lots of great items for me to look through. I’m still finding things in the safety deposit box that I forgot were in there. I want to get another one just to look through and see what kind of treasures I can find

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Above and beyonddd

I’m not going to lie, I was really sketchy about this whole ordeal at first, I was freaking out because I am a nervous person. So I sent them a message not knowing what to do after I had checked out, I figured it’d take a few hours for them to do their thing but no, I literally had my account within 10 minutes and the staff who had e-mailed me responded really fast and was really nice about everything. 10/10 will order from again if I need anything 😀 plus the account that I ordered had more then what was listed

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cheap and fast

I placed my order and before I even had a chance to put trade lots up, they had sent me an email saying they were ready to send out my order. I was not expecting them to be so quick so that caught me off guard. Definitely a pleasant surprise and a great staff to work with. – Bryan

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Excellent as always!

I was shopping with ever since it started. When I heard they were making the switch to a new name, I had no hesitations about following them here. The products and services are still just as amazing here and I continue to be impressed by their staff.
Thank you again!

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My favourite!

I’ve tried a few different places that were similar to neopianroyalty but this site was by far my favorite. The other places I was at treated me like another number, just an order to get out, but neopianroyalty kept in touch the whole process. I had a question and Drew discussed UC pets at great length with me on the chat. They followed up with my order and let me know why a certain item was taking a bit to get a hold of.

Definitely coming back here for all my purchases from now on!!! Thank youuuuuu guys! 😀

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Exactly what I wanted

I have used a lot of different sites but I thought NeopianRoyalty was like a breath of fresh air. Other sites would talk to me like I was an idiot or like I was wasting their time but the staff here took the time to answer all my silly questions. I was a complete noob with UC pets but they sorted me out with exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to come back and get another, or a few, especially since I can use my rewards points next time. Thank youuuuuu!!

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Great Support

I had a question about an item prior to placing my order, and I sent in a question using the contact form. I got a response within 10 minutes, and they maintained contact throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this site – the owners are really nice and responsive, and I received my items very quickly.

Thank you again!!