Base Set Rare Item Code



Product Description

These rare item codes are from the original Base Set of the Neopets Trading Card Game. These codes are extremely hard to find now a days as they haven’t been produced in years.

To redeem the codes you will need to go to this link and put your code in:

You have a chance to win lots of great prizes, including:
Skarls SwordChokato (TCG)Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG)

Each purchase of a Base Set Code comes with a free code from the Curse of Maraqua Set which has even more great prizes you could win. Double your chances! Care for a gamble??!
Currently we are out of bonus codes. Until we resupply, when you purchases 5 codes, you will receive 2m Neopoints for free as a bonus. We will hopefully be resupplying soon so stay tuned!